8-Hour Initial Security Guard Training Online in Hawaii
Training at Prior Vision Academy

Begin your journey to becoming a licensed security guard in Hawaii with our 8-Hour Online Training program. This course meets the state’s requirements and is essential for anyone looking to work as a security guard in private businesses, guard agencies, or government sectors.

Our online course is conducted via Zoom and covers everything you need to know to be a security guard. Our experienced instructors make learning engaging and interactive, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the job. After completing the course, you’ll get a certificate that qualifies you to apply for the GDE License (guard card) in Hawaii.

This training gives you the necessary skills and meets the legal requirements for security work in Hawaii. We also provide help with the application process, including fingerprinting and background checks. Whether you’re new to security work or looking to update your skills, our course is designed to help you succeed in Hawaii’s security industry.

Security Guard Application Process
Step 1
Complete an 8-Hour Initial Security Guard Training Online via Zoom

Begin your journey in the security field with the initial guard card class. This essential first step provides comprehensive training, equipping you with the foundational knowledge and skills required for a career in security. Upon completion, you’ll be well-prepared to handle various security scenarios with professionalism and confidence.

Step 2
Schedule Fingerprinting

Schedule your fingerprinting appointment with Fieldprint Hawaii. This crucial step is necessary for your background check, ensuring you meet the security industry standards. It’s a quick and straightforward process, integral to your security guard application.

Step 3
Complete & Submit Guard Application

Сomplete and submit your Guard Application. The form can be filled out online, streamlining your application process. This step finalizes your candidacy to become a licensed security guard, paving the way for your new career.

Security Guard Recertification Process
Step 1
Complete an 4-Hour Initial Security Guard Training Online via Zoom or in-person

Designed for experienced guards, this session refreshes your knowledge and keeps you updated on the latest security protocols and practices. It ensures you continue to respond with confidence and professionalism in your role. Completion renews your readiness and commitment to safety, reinforcing your valuable role in the security industry.

Step 2
Complete & Submit Guard Application

Submit your Guard Recertification Application online to streamline your renewal process. This step confirms your ongoing eligibility and commitment to maintaining your status as a licensed security guard, ensuring your continued career in the security field.

Meet Our Trainer: 
Levy Tuiala
Meet Our Trainer: 
Levy Tuiala

Levy’s approach to training is deeply rooted in the latest security practices and complies with the regulations set by the Hawaii Board of Private Detectives and Guards. His sessions are not just about imparting knowledge; they are about molding responsible, vigilant, and skilled security professionals ready to serve and protect.

With Levy, you are not just learning from a certified instructor but from someone who is passionate about raising the standards of security training in Hawaii. Join his course to gain insights, skills, and the confidence needed to excel in the security industry.

On November 4, 2021, Levy was rigorously trained by David Heaukulani, Ph.D., a respected and board-approved instructor. This intensive Train-the-Trainer orientation has equipped Levy with both the knowledge and the pedagogical skills necessary to effectively deliver the 8-hour initial security guard training.


Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 6 customer & guard graduate reviews.

Lance L.
1 star rating
Had a real bad experience with some of these guards awful service just bad Horrible experience with this company totally negative and bad (-:
Don M. Avatar
Don M.
5 star rating
Just completed the security training class with this company…Great informative class, and staff!!!
Would highly recommend this class to anyone looking into getting certified! Will definitely refer more clients
Mark B. Avatar
Mark B.
5 star rating
Great Aloha, and you can feel the integratory. We know that they see value on their name and will look out for us in this period.
Shay K. Avatar
Shay K.
5 star rating
Always friendly security guards with lots of Aloha. I go to the kapahulu foodland and they’re always real nice guys, even help me get my grocery cart! Mahalo to Hatimu & Gen Lakalaka-Manupuna, always professional with plenty Aloha. Will inquire about hiring security with them for my property and business if ever needed
Kika K. Avatar
Kika K.
5 star rating
Best security company on the island! Their security guards are professional and super nice. They really are “Security with Aloha”!
Jus Momuh Avatar
Jus Momuh
Solid, Professional, Dependable Team (So Close you’d think they were Biological Family) consisting of a Hardworking Polynesian Strength Company. Licensed, Bonded. Over 20 yrs. Experience. Security with Aloha 👮🌴
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