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Construction Sites

We recognize that construction sites are not just work zones; they are vital assets requiring dedicated protection. Construction sites are often the target of theft and vandalism, posing significant risks to both the project’s timeline and budget. Our mission is to mitigate these risks by deploying experienced security officers who are trained specifically for the unique challenges of construction site security.

Our team is skilled in a wide range of protective measures, including monitoring site access, overseeing equipment and material safety, and managing any unauthorized entry or potential hazards. We understand that construction sites are dynamic environments, with frequent personnel movements and equipment deliveries, which require vigilant and adaptive security strategies.

We tailor our security services to each construction site’s unique needs. With Prior Vision guarding your site, you can be confident that your project is protected by professionals who are not just proficient in security, but also committed to the highest standards of service and integrity.

Retail Security Specialties

We combine local Polynesian expertise with professional vigilance to protect your customers and uphold your business’s reputation with Aloha-driven security services.
Customer Safety
Customer Safety
World class safety with a local Polynesian touch

In business, the customer comes first, and Prior Vision is here to make sure your customers are safe. Our trained professionals provide security with Aloha. They are local to Hawaii, and know what community means. We provide excellence in service, and are dedicated to protecting not only your business, but also your reputation.

The art of being prepared
The art of being prepared

Our Polynesian-born warrior blood is mixed with the humble hearts of our mothers. This offers us a special balance that greets you with a smile, but also makes you think twice before acting like a fool. With the Respect, Integrity, and Aloha we greet people with, they know they’ve got a welcome and safe place. But at the same time, guests understand we’re vigilant, and ready to peacefully stop nonsense before it starts.

This presence allows us to provide a transparent and highly effective level of prevention. Our clients can be confident in the security and deterrence we provide, and guests are able to relax in a friendly and welcome atmosphere, regardless of the levels of security we are tasked with providing.

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