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The art of being prepared

Security in the retail environment is a critical aspect that goes beyond mere surveillance; it involves ensuring customer safety, protecting assets, and providing a sense of comfort for those who work late hours. For businesses that span multiple locations and different settings, such as retail outlets and restaurants, the security challenges multiply. Prior Vision stepped up to these challenges when they joined forces with Retail Security Services to extend their footprint across Honolulu, offering comprehensive security solutions tailored to the dynamic retail sector.

Multi-Site, Versatile Security Needs: Retail Security Services, with operations across North America, required a security partner that could deliver consistent, high-quality service in Hawaii, particularly Honolulu. Their needs were unique, involving:
Overnight security for retail and restaurant locations undergoing work.
Flexible scheduling, with some assignments at short notice.

Fire watch services and asset protection.

Maintenance of a professional environment during non-standard hours.


Drawing on their established track record in the security industry, Prior Vision expanded their expertise into the retail security sector through a strategic partnership with Retail Security Services. The commendation from Kate Sullivan, who is at the helm of Vendor Relations for Retail Security Services, highlights the trust and reliability placed in Prior Vision’s adept capabilities.
Customer Safety
Responsive and Adaptable Scheduling

Prior Vision’s operational framework was tested and proven to be adaptable to the fluctuating needs of the retail sector. They could efficiently mobilize their guards for single-night or multiple-night services, even on short notice.

Let us do the heavy lifting
Professional and Vigilant Guard Presence

The guards provided by Prior Vision were not only vigilant in their duties but also upheld the professional atmosphere of the retail spaces, thereby aligning with the client’s brand image.

The secret of every successful event
Comprehensive Training for Diverse Scenarios

Drawing from their comprehensive training programs, Prior Vision’s guards were prepared for various scenarios, from asset protection to fire watch, ensuring that each unique requirement of the sites was met with precision.

Adaptable Security Solutions
Retail Security Services experienced a seamless integration of security services across their Honolulu locations, with Prior Vision fulfilling every unique requirement adeptly.
Enhanced Asset Protection
Overnight work in retail and restaurant spaces was secured, with Prior Vision guards ensuring the protection of merchandise and premises.

Customer and Client Trust
The unwavering dependability of the guards fostered a growing trust between Retail Security Services, their clients, and Prior Vision, reinforcing the value of a reliable security service.


The Words about Prior Vision
Kate Sullivan’s testament to Prior Vision’s service quality is a solid endorsement of their dedication and professionalism

“…Working with Prior Vision, LLC has significantly bolstered our confidence in handling diverse security needs for our clients. Their adaptability and professionalism have been a cornerstone of our operations in Honolulu. The guards’ presence has not just been about security; it has been about maintaining an ambiance of safety and professionalism. This partnership has strengthened our business, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Prior Vision, LLC for any security tasks, complex or routine…”

Retail Security Services’ collaboration with Prior Vision, LLC showcases a paradigm where flexible security solutions are not just a need but a strategic advantage in the retail sector. This partnership demonstrates how a security firm can extend beyond conventional roles to become an integral component of client service excellence, ensuring a secure, professional, and trustworthy environment for businesses operating in today’s dynamic market.
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