Puu Heleakala Community Association (PHCA)

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In the heart of Puu Heleakala, a vibrant community thrives, encompassing a recreation center, playground, basketball court, and field. The safety and security of this area are crucial for the well-being of its residents. This case study explores how Prior Vision LLC improved security of the Puu Heleakala Community Association, fostering a safer and more serene environment for its residents.

Community Security Reinvented: Puu Heleakala, a bustling residential area, faced challenges in maintaining safety, especially during nighttime. The key objectives were:
To reduce illegal activities around the recreation center and other community areas.
To provide a sense of security to the residents without imposing on their daily lives.
To integrate effectively with the community’s existing structures and committees.


With a proven track record in security, Prior Vision LLC was chosen to overhaul the security at Puu Heleakala.
Customer Safety
Proactive Patrols

Prior Vision deployed skilled security guards who patrolled the area diligently, focusing on high-risk times and spots, significantly reducing illegal activities and disturbances.

Let us do the heavy lifting
Community Engagement

The guards not only provided security but also engaged with residents, understanding their concerns and fostering a sense of community.

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Responsive Management

The management team at Prior Vision, known for their hands-on approach, worked closely with the community association, ensuring that the security measures were always aligned with the community’s needs.

Significant Reduction in Illegal Activities
The introduction of Prior Vision’s security services led to a noticeable decrease in illegal nighttime activities around the community center and other areas.
Enhanced Sense of Security
The presence of well-trained guards provided residents with a reassurance of safety, contributing to a more peaceful and secure environment.
Positive Community Feedback
Residents expressed high satisfaction with the new security measures, appreciating the professionalism and effectiveness of the Prior Vision team.


The Words about Prior Vision
Curtis Tsuzaki, a key figure in the community and chair of the security committee, praised Prior Vision LLC:

“…Since Prior Vision took over the security services for our recreation center, the difference has been night and day. Their single guard has made our grounds noticeably quieter and safer. Their approach to security is not only effective but also aligns perfectly with our community’s ethos. Their professionalism and attention to detail make them an ideal partner for any security needs. I wholeheartedly recommend them for their excellent services…”

The partnership between the Puu Heleakala Community Association and Prior Vision LLC illustrates how tailored security solutions can enhance the quality of life in a residential community. Prior Vision’s commitment to safety and community engagement sets a new standard in neighborhood security services.
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