Murakami Productions LLC dba Kabayan Hall

The art of being prepared

In the competitive world of event management and venue hosting, security is a critical factor that ensures not just the safety of guests but also enhances the overall experience. Murakami Productions LLC dba Kabayan Hall, managed by Derek Murakami, faced a unique challenge that required an immediate and professional security solution. This is the account of how Prior Vision LLC rose to the occasion, exemplifying their commitment and expertise in the field.

Immediate Response, Premium Security: Kabayan Hall, while a popular venue, is situated in a location that demands high-quality security. The challenge was twofold:
To find a security service that could provide immediate cover in an emergency situation.
To ensure that the security provided was not just effective in deterring threats but also capable of delivering excellent customer service.


When faced with an unexpected security shortfall, Murakami Productions LLC found themselves in a predicament. Their original security provider had failed to provide a replacement for a guard who called out sick. This is where Prior Vision LLC stepped in, showcasing their exceptional commitment to client service.
Customer Safety
Emergency Response by the Owner

In a critical situation, when their regular guard from another company was unavailable with no replacements offered, Murakami Productions turned to Prior Vision. The co-owner of Prior Vision LLC personally handled Kabayan Hall’s security for the night, exemplifying remarkable dedication and a hands-on approach to client service.

Let us do the heavy lifting
Consistently High-Quality Service

Under Levy’s guidance, Prior Vision guards have consistently provided top-tier security and customer service, significantly contributing to the peace of mind and safety of clients and guests at Kabayan Hall.

The secret of every successful event
Tailored Security Solutions

Levy’s extensive experience in the security business allowed him to tailor services specifically for Kabayan Hall, ensuring optimal protection and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Reputation and Client Satisfaction
The presence of well-trained, professional guards from Prior Vision significantly improved the security and overall experience at Kabayan Hall. This not only increased client satisfaction but also bolstered the reputation of Murakami Productions.
Lasting Partnership
The proactive and dedicated approach of Prior Vision, especially that of Levy, has resulted in a strong, ongoing partnership with Murakami Productions LLC.


The Words about Prior Vision
Derek Murakami, the Manager at Murakami Productions LLC, highlights the exceptional service provided by Prior Vision:

“…Having the owner of the company personally step in to provide service was a humbling experience. Levy’s deep knowledge of security and his commitment to client needs have been invaluable. His ability to tailor security solutions for our specific challenges has not only ensured safety but has also enhanced our client’s experience. I am proud to be a client of Prior Vision LLC and grateful for their contribution to our business…”

In a field where both safety and customer experience are paramount, Prior Vision LLC has demonstrated its ability to deliver both with exceptional dedication and professionalism. The case of Murakami Productions LLC dba Kabayan Hall is a testament to how a security company can transcend traditional roles and become a pivotal part of a client’s success story.
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