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Art is a reflection of society, capturing the essence of various epochs, sentiments, and cultures. Museums serve as caretakers of this art, and ensuring their safety is paramount. But striking a balance between the open embrace of visitors and the stringent measures of security can be a daunting task. This is the story of how Prior Vision transformed the security landscape for the prestigious Honolulu Museum of Art.

Engaging Environment, Effective Security: The Honolulu Museum of Art is a haven for art lovers. However, it presented a unique challenge. The museum required a security setup that would:
Preserve and protect priceless artworks.
Offer a hospitable and friendly environment for visitors.
Seamlessly integrate with the existing staff and infrastructure.

The Prior Vision Solution

When the Honolulu Museum of Art partnered with Prior Vision, they were building on a foundation of trust and efficiency. The recommendation from Ramonsita M Logan (a.k.a Mona), the Director of Security at the museum, speaks volumes about the impeccable reputation Prior Vision holds.
Customer Safety
Intensive Guard Training:

Each security personnel from Prior Vision was meticulously trained, not just in security protocols but also in customer relations. The guards stood as a symbol of protection and assurance, always early or on time and impeccably dressed in their uniforms.

Let us do the heavy lifting
Seamless Integration:

Having worked with diverse businesses across Oahu, Prior Vision’s approach was flexible, allowing them to blend with the museum’s staff effortlessly. This ensured that the entire team, from curators to guards, functioned as one cohesive unit.

The secret of every successful event
Efficient Management:

Behind the scenes, the management duo of Timu & Gen Lakalaka-Manupuna, kept the wheels turning. Their 24/7 availability and proactive approach meant that the museum never had to second-guess their security measures.

Robust Security
With Prior Vision’s involvement, the museum experienced a notable uptick in its security, ensuring that both visitors and artworks remained safe.
Improved Customer Satisfaction
The guards, with their professional demeanor, added value to the visitor experience. Their presence instilled a sense of safety without feeling overbearing, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the world of art with peace of mind.
Strengthened Partnerships
The mutual respect and collaboration between the Honolulu Museum of Art and Prior Vision have paved the way for continued partnerships in future endeavors.


The Words about Prior Vision
The lasting impact and the high standards set by Prior Vision can be best described in the words of Ramonsita M Logan, who has witnessed their efficiency firsthand:

“…On the rare occasions that I interacted with Timu Lakalaka-Manupuna, our conversations were always professional and pleasant. When I learned that the Museum contracted Prior Vision for staffing and event needs, I was thrilled. Their professionalism, dependability, and efficiency have always stood out. Both Timu and Gen are a powerhouse duo, always available and working closely with us. Their commitment has made my tasks smoother, and I feel honored to recommend their services…”

Art requires delicate handling, and so does the security for it. The Honolulu Museum of Art, in its collaboration with Prior Vision, found the perfect ally. A synergy that ensures that while art narrates stories of the past, its security remains future-proof.
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