Hawai‘i Pacific University

The art of being prepared

Education institutions are sanctuaries of learning, growth, and development. Their expansive campuses and diverse student populations make the task of ensuring safety a nuanced challenge. Dive into this case study to discover how Prior Vision carved a niche for itself by elevating the safety standards of Hawai‘i Pacific University (HPU) and creating a serene learning environment.

Safeguarding the Future: Hawai‘i Pacific University, with its sprawling campus and vibrant student community, faced the intricate task of:
Upholding safety standards in line with the expectations of a leading educational institution.
Incorporating security measures without affecting the open and inclusive nature of the university.
Ensuring security personnel resonated with the youthful energy of the campus while maintaining professionalism.

The Prior Vision Solution

When HPU entrusted its campus security to Prior Vision, it was a collaboration destined for excellence. The glowing testimonial from Kevin G. Matsukado, the Associate Vice President of Facilities, Safety and Security at HPU, underscores this collaborative success.
Customer Safety
Meticulous Training & Onboarding

Prior Vision dedicated time and effort to train its personnel, ensuring they harmonized with the academic environment. The guards were not just trained in security protocols but also in engaging with the student community in a positive, helpful manner.

Let us do the heavy lifting
A Can-Do Approach

Adapting to the ever-evolving requirements of a bustling university is no small feat. But Prior Vision’s team, under the leadership of Mr. Hatimu Lakalaka-Manupuna and Mr. Levy Tuiala, demonstrated a remarkable “can do” approach, swiftly adapting to the unique needs of the students and the institution.

The secret of every successful event
Consistent Quality & Pleasant Attitude

The security team from Prior Vision was always ready with a smile, offering help and ensuring safety. Their consistent quality of service, coupled with a positive attitude, made them an integral part of the HPU community.

Heightened Security
With Prior Vision on the scene, HPU witnessed a significant improvement in campus safety. The enhanced security made both the students and the staff feel more protected and at ease.
Enhanced Student Experience
The approachable demeanor of the security staff meant that students felt comfortable seeking help, reporting concerns, or even just having a chat. The security team’s proactive role played a crucial part in elevating the overall student experience.
Established Trust & Continued Collaboration
Even though their continuous service at Parkshore concluded in May 2022, the established rapport ensures that HPU and Prior Vision will continue to collaborate for various future events.


The Words about Prior Vision
The impact of Prior Vision’s work can be best captured through the words of Kevin G. Matsukado:

“…Your service, the quality of your Security personnel, and the consistently pleasant and positive attitude your team demonstrated at Parkshore are second to none. It’s nice to know that Prior Vision Security is a source we can always count on… We certainly look forward in working with Prior Vision Security in the future!”

In the world of academia, where the focus is on nurturing minds and fostering growth, security becomes the invisible shield that allows this process to happen seamlessly. Through its dedicated service, Prior Vision has not only set high standards for campus security at Hawai‘i Pacific University but has also showcased the profound impact of a holistic security approach on the overall educational experience.
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